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Software Developer

revised April 14, 2017

About the Job

End Result is actively looking for a new junior software developer. A full-time employee is preferable; however, starting part-time is acceptable.

This developer will be joining a small IT team (part of a ten-person office), and primarily will be responsible for creating and maintaining web and mobile application software to be used before, during, and after participatory sporting events (e.g. marathons). Our web-based software includes several websites related to event registration, timing, and results. We also have several mobile applications in place for related, specialized services, and would like to develop more. Much of our work is flexible in nature: there is room for experimentation during the development process, and new ideas and techniques are encouraged.

In addition to office-based work, this developer will be required to travel occasionally in order to test and use their applications in context at events, and gather feedback from employee, client, and event participant users as applicable.

Responsibilities Include (but not limited to...)


Primary responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to:

  1. Composing, maintaining, and enhancing PHP, Python, and Perl-based web applications
  2. Maintaining and utilizing MySQL databases
  3. Developing and enhancing Android (Java) and iOS (Swift/Objective C) mobile apps
  4. Writing HTML for new and existing web page layouts
  5. Writing CSS for dynamic web page presentation and styling
  6. Developing JavaScript code to improve user interfaces (UI) and experiences (UX)
  7. Testing software for reliability, security, and robustness, and quashing reported bugs
  8. Documenting existing and new/improved development processes
  9. Assisting application users via phone or email

Secondary responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Timing duties, preparing/maintaining equipment, or otherwise assisting with events
  2. Handing timing-related customer inquiries or data management
  3. Maintaining or monitoring web server hardware and software
  4. Exploring new technologies to assess usefulness

Other desirable skills:

  1. Knowledge of Visual Basic .NET
  2. Knowledge of Linux, specifically Ubuntu server distributions

Compensation Package

Salary will be determined based on qualifications and requirements. Full-time employees enjoy a 4% company match on 401k contributions, 100% employer-paid health insurance (for the employee - family coverage available), paid vacation (year one = 1 week, years 2+ = 2 weeks), flexible scheduling, and reimbursement for home Internet access.

About The End Result Company

End Result is one of the largest race timing and scoring companies in the United States, providing RFID-based timing and scoring services to nearly 500,000 people per year. In fulfilling those duties, End Result develops and maintains a large portfolio of custom software - websites, client/server programs, Windows applications, and a burgeoning selection of mobile applications. The most active of End Result's applications is, an online registration portal for all types of events. Development is based in our Carmel (Indianapolis), Indiana office. Additional offices are located in Bettendorf, Iowa and Seattle, Washington.

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