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Computer Programmer / IT Developer

revised May 12, 2016

About the Job

This position is for a part-to-full-time information technology developer. A full-time employee is most desirable, but starting part-time is completely acceptable.

The primary activities for a person in this position are the creation and maintenance of software and (possibly) hardware platforms used for services related to participatory sports. Much of the work is open in nature - determine the best solution and implement it according to reasonable best practices. There is room for experimentation. New ideas are encouraged.

In addition to office work, the employee will be required to travel occasionally, in order to use their programs in context at events.

Responsibilities Include (but not limited to...)

Software Development

  • maintain and enhance Visual Basic, PHP, Perl programs
  • maintain and enhance MySQL databases
  • write HTML and CSS to provide basic interfaces
  • test software and locate user-reported bugs
  • gather requirements for new software
  • develop new software (Java, VB.NET, C# .NET, PHP, Perl, others as needed)
  • document processes
  • assist users
  • explore new technologies which might be applicable

Infrastructure Development

  • maintain Linux servers - software and hardware updates
  • monitor server status

Hardware Development (potential)

  • design communications, monitoring, and timing-related circuits
  • prototype circuits
  • coordinate the fabrication of production boards

Contextual Tasks - Secondary Responsibilities

  • prepare for race timing projects
  • perform timing duties as an assistant
  • perform timing duties as a lead timer
  • post online registration forms
  • package timing tags
  • maintain timing equipment

Summary of Desired Skills and Qualifications

really interesting

  • PHP programming
  • Perl programming
  • MySQL database optimization
  • Android development
  • iOS development
  • VisualBasic or C# .NET programming
  • UNIX or Linux web server administration
  • electronics engineering (circuit design, prototyping)
  • high-availability web architecture

also interesting

  • SQL-based RDBMS of any sort
  • Java programming (not necessarily Android-related)
  • C or C++ programming
  • HTML / CSS coding (specifically without an editor)
  • responsive styling
  • electronics work as a hobby (from resistors up to Arduino, Raspberry Pi,...)

bonus points for

  • strong web design abilities
  • Photoshop experience
  • computer science or applied physics degree
  • history or anthropology degree (good for conversations)
  • interest in traveling for work
  • experience in other programming languages

Company Description

End Result is one of the largest race timing and scoring companies in the United States, providing RFID-based timing and scoring services to nearly 500,000 people per year. In fulfilling those duties, End Result develops and maintains a large portfolio of custom software - websites, client/server programs, Windows applications, and a burgeoning selection of mobile applications. Development is based in our Carmel (Indianapolis), Indiana office. Additional offices are located in Bettendorf, Iowa, and Seattle, Washington.

How to Apply

Send your résumé to josh at this domain. Please also tell us about your experience and career goals. Be prepared to share your best code that you're legally allowed to share; just be prepared, no need to send it yet.